Why, oh why? 10 reasons why I’m starting a blog.

I’ve been putting off starting a personal blog for years.

Every time I think I’m going to start one, I instead start overthinking it, then overthink everything, then realise I’m going to die one day and think “what’s the point”, and promptly don’t. I’ve done in that so many times over so many things in life and I’m sick of it. Why?

Maybe it’s because I’ve had four hours sleep and I’m facing backwards on a juddery Ukrainian train to Kiev. But maybe it’s because most of the exciting things I’ve enjoyed in life (including facing backwards on a juddery train to Kiev) have come from having those thoughts – and just starting anyway – and I’m innately and unavoidably aware of that.

So, for my first blog post, my question is, “Why Am I Starting a Blog?”, and here are my answers:

  1. I enjoy writing.
  2. To document lessons I’ve learned so that:
    a) I can reflect on them and improve.
    b) Others might get value from them too.
  3. To learn new things.
  4. To clarify my thoughts, opinions and concepts. Writing will help do that.
  5. To develop a stronger discipline to take regular action (in this case, writing blog posts, despite how I might be feeling at the time).
  6. To build relationships with people with whom I can share my other art (music, design, writing).
  7. To earn money from it somehow (even if from clarifying ideas and getting feedback rather than from the blog itself).
  8. To share useful information, recommendations, tips and tricks. I’ve learned a lot in my respective industry and hobbies, gleaned from experience, success, failure, trial and error.
  9. To increase the size of my digital cojones, i.e. to get criticised more / to get praised more, and take both with grace and balance.
  10. To determine whether lists have to have 10 points to feel complete.

Apart from that, I don’t really know what twists and turns is will take. I commit to writing a new blog post every week for 10 weeks to test the water (see point 10 of above list) and will try and make them useful / funny / informative.

Jolly people who have inspired me to start (unbeknownst to them), are Kim Willis of lunacyofink.com, Seth Godin, Tim Ferriss and a couple of others.

If you are interested in my foray into the blogosphere, please subscribe by entering your email address below, and share with your friends / enemies. Thanks! ~ Will