Life in the UK – 10 reasons why it rocks

OK, number 4 of 10 blog posts, and what do I know about (so I can therefore write about)? Hmmm….this week….life in the UK (and why it rocks)!


People seem to bang on about how bad a job “the government” is doing (whichever government is in) and how difficult life is here, but let me tell you: We. Have. Got. It. SWEET. Don’t get me wrong; I’m not “loyal” to the UK, any more than I’m loyal to Pizza Express, and I’m certainly not nuts enough to be loyal to any political party, but I do appreciate having been born here (much like I appreciate a Sloppy Guiseppe with a side of dough balls), and this is why:

  1. We have a welfare system that takes care of our most hard-up members of society (and many that aren’t even truly poor). I know because I’ve had to use it in the past and I know many people from all walks of life who still do.
  2. We have hospitals in which we can be cared for when ill. True enough, two people very close to me have died (partially from misdiagnosis), but compared to all the people who are saved I figure it’s better than not having healthcare by a country mile!
  3. We have schools in which to be educated.
  4. We have laws that prevent a lot of misery, and a judicial system. And Jude Law, whom girls seem to like.
  5. Whilst corruption exists in any large organisation (to a greater or lesser degree), in comparison to most countries we’re not doing too badly!
  6. We have beautiful countryside and vibrant cities. And Slough.
  7. We have very low rates of gun crime.
  8. We have no war.
  9. We can freely choose the industries in which we would like to work, and make efforts to create the lives we want. The welfare system ensures we won’t starve if we mess up (despite what people may say, how many people die of starvation in the UK compared to others? Not many, I’d wager).
  10. We must be one of, if not THE most free kingdom in the world to practise whichever belief system we choose.

Oh, also: Roast dinner, fish & chips and the free choice not to partake in Morris dancing.

Life in the UK with Jude Law
Jude Law being liked by girls in the UK yesterday

Yes, of course, people struggle – we all do – times are tough, and I appreciate that I was born with advantages that other people weren’t (e.g. a home and family), but it’s worth acknowledging from time to time how bloody we lucky we all are to live here (sniffs and wipes away patriotic tear).

Anyway, just my two cents/pence worth. Now, where’s that pizza….?

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